The Answers

Week 10

1.      Boxed rags in abundance – Gunung Agsi
Boxed = container indicator, abundance = mountain
2.       Perhaps this place prefer attention. – Top Spinning Court
Double Jeopardy.  Spinning = anagram indicator , top -> opt = prefer, court = attention
3.       More than one male standing in the front here for cereal. – Jelai
More than one male = men, front = insertion indicator in the beginning - > menjelai = cereal
4.      This place was built as a gift to Tunku Chindai, without using any form of nails or screws – Istana Ampang Tinggi
General knowledge
5.       Love lost leads to fertile drive in the midst here. – PD Ostrich Farm
Love = o, lost = removal indicator, strich = st rich = fertile drive, midst = part
6.       Justice or hanging or layoff  in the lead – Johol
In the lead = Initial indicator
7.       Crawling barking deer – Lata Kijang
Lata = crawling, kijang = barking deer
8.       Me with a grand jig turning rapids. – Jeram Gading
Turning = anagram indicator, me with a grand jig -> jeram gading, rapids = jeram
9.       Hammer backwards at this trading post. – Fort Lukut
Hammer = tukul, backwards = reverse indicator, tukul -> lukut, trading post = fort
10.  A repository which is far by 500 holds this area surrounded by farm buildings. – Army Museum
Repository = museum, far by 500 = fard, holds – contain indicator -> fard surround army = farmyard = area surrounded by farm buildings

Week 9

1.    Cop out some radar at this waterworks.
Cop = NAB
Out = Anagram indicator
Rearrange NAB = BAN
Some = Part of
Water = AIR
Works = Anagram indicator
Rearrange AIR = RIA

2.    Usul ukiran yang berisi petunjuk masyarakat Negeri Dibawah Bayu.
Berisi = Container indicator
Negeri Dibawah Bayu = Sabah
SULUK = Masyarakat Sabah
Answer: SULUK
3.    Be fit, no poor performance here.
Performance = Anagram indicator
4.    Jawapan tak di luar, bila kemudian terkeluar.
Kemudian = AFTER
Keluar = Deletion indicator
AFTER delete TER = AF
Assam Fish Head
Head = Initial indicator = ASSAM FISH = AF
5.    Intoxicated filling mushroom with no fun.
Filling = Content
Intoxicated = DRUNK
Content of DRUNK = RUN
Mushroom = FUNGUS
With no fun
No = Deletion indicator
Delete FUN from FUNGUS = GUS
Answer = RUNGUS
6.    Troubled bear is seen here.
Troubled = Anagram indicator
Bear = PANDA
7.    Foul odor in volume.
Odor = Bau
Foul = Anagram indicator
Rearrange BAU = ABU
Volume = Mililiter = ML
In = Insertion indicator
Answer = MABUL
8.    Headless gadget when lacking color, its an extreme sport.
Gadget = IPAD
Headless = Without the initial
Headless IPAD = PAD
When = AS
Lacking color = WHITE
Extreme Sport = WATER RAFTING
Answer: Padas White Water Rafting 
9.    Investor out here to discover an agent.
Out = Surround indicator
Pulau Tiga
Investigator = Agent

Answer: Pulau Tiga 
10. Left at sharp point return protection.
Left = Reverse indicator
Reserve AT = TA
Sharp point = NIB
Return = Reverse indicator
Reverse NIB = BIN
Protection = Wildlife Conservation

Week 8

1.        Bad phobia about bacteria coli last opening. -  Datai Bay
Last = end indicator
Opening = bay
2.        To begin inside this column.  – Alor Star Tower
 To begin = start, inside = container indicator
3.        Get stone or perform when astray at this holiday spot. – Pulau Tuba
Holiday spot = Pulau, astray = anagram indicator,
Rearrange tuba -> buat = perform or batu = stone
4.       Name the hill wedged between the two highest peaks of Langkawi. – Bukit Sawar
General knowledge
5.        Set around for a store to sell fibre.  Pasar Rabu
Around = insert around the word -> serabut = fibre, store to sell = pasar
6.        Timid Turner backing Kedah’s main production.  – Nasi Ulam
Turner = reverse indicator, timid = malu -> ulam
Kedah’s main production = rice=nasi
7.        A hollow tell tale. – Gua Cherita
Hollow = cave, tell = sounds like indicator, tale = cerita -> cherita
8.       More than one coin can be found at random here.  – Sedim River
At random = anagram indicator, more than one coin = dimes -> sedim
9.         Ask for a digit at half fare. – Gulai Nangka
Ask for  = sounds like indicator
A digit -> an angka -> Nangka
Half – part, fare = food -> part of Gulai Nangka
10.   A place to meet and escape perhaps. – Temurun waterfalls
      Temu = to meet, run = escape

Week 7

1.        The fast and furious star’s presence around here will provide liquid supplement for your   
        body. – Air itam
              Fast and furious star = Vin, vin around itam = vitamin
2.        Water kettles are boycotted here. – Pulau Kendi
              Pulau = to boycott, Kendi = water kettle
3.        The first boundary exploded to a beta and a skalp. – Kepala Batas
              First boundary = kepala batas, exploded = anagram indicator, 
              kepala batas -> a beta a skalp
4.        Keep operating moderately till all refresh begins. – Komtar
                   Begins = initial indicator
5.        It’s the hometown of our former scandalous deputy PM. – Ceruk Tok Kun

             General knowledge
6.        After you decipher this, it shows a fifty visage. – Muka Head Lighthouse
             Double jeopardy – Head lighthouse = L, Muka L = 50 visage
7.        This plots centre mix affection. – Botanical Gardens
             Plots = gardens, centre = middle, middle of Botanical -> tanic, 
                   tanic -> cinta = affection  mix = anagram indicator, 
8.        A course to announce cause to make haste.  – Sungai Bakap
             Sungai = course, announce = sounds like indicator, 
             buck up = bakap = cause to make haste
9.        A numerical deletion will rock part of Daw Suu. – Batu Maung
             Numerical deletion = remove M
             Rock = batu, Daw Suu = Aung San Suu Kyi
10.    Get inside this huge lug or you’ll miss the boat. – Gelugor
                   Inside - container

Week 6

  1. An island with floating houses and no cars, literally for Cancerians only.

Island with floating houses and no cars = Pulau Ketam

Literally for Cancerians = Crab = Ketam

Answer: Pulau Ketam
  1. At this isle, you need to be concerned at end July.
Isle = Island
Concerned = Care
End = Last indicator
End July = Y
Care + Y = Carey
Answer: Carey Island
  1. Heavy flowing smell in rotten flower.
Heavy flowing = Waterfalls
Smell = Tang
Rotten = Basi
In = Insertion indicator
Smell in rotten = TANG in basi = baTANGsi
Flower = River
Answer: Sungai Batangsi Waterfalls
  1. 16th edition was in Kuala Lumpur, but currently swapping the sports for woodland store here.
Kuala Lumpur 1998 = 16th Commonwealth Games
Swapping = Replace indicator
Swapping the sports = Replace the “Games” with;
Woodland store = Forest Park
Answer: Commonwealth Forest Park
  1. Crime fighting machine parked in here.
Crime fighting machine = Knight Rider car - KITT
Parked = Indicating a vehicle
In = Container indicator
Answer: Bukit Takun
  1. Mother first for a title here, with distance.
Mother = Ma
First = Put in front
Ma + Dam = MaDam = title
Distance = Mile = Batu
Answer: Batu Dam
  1. Strike you by this grottos.
Strike = Bat
You = U
Bat + U = BatU
Grottos = Caves
Answer: Batu Caves
  1. Our home of motorsports.
Answer: Sepang International Circuit
  1. Local visit may fit in this first magnificent American idol.
First = Initial indicator
First Magnificent American Idol = MAI
Local visit = Lawat
Fit in = Insertion indicator
Answer: Stadium Malawati
  1. A prick award by the bank.
A = Se
Prick = Pang
Se + Pang = SePang
Award = Gold
Bank = Coast
Answer: Sepang Goldcoast

Week 5

     1.        There’s a possibility when a Russian military aircraft join forces with this. – Headhunter’s Trail
Russian military aircraft = MIG
Head = initial indicator
Hunter’s Trail = HT
MIG + HT = Might = possibility

     2.        A well-kept bluff. Gunung Serapi.
A = se
Well kept = neat = rapi
Bluff = gunung

     3.        A shelter for Flora, Fauna or Tink perhaps. Fairy Caves
Flora, Fauna or Tink = names of Fairies

     4.       Go annual but hybrid. Loagan Bunut
Hybrid = anagram indicator
Go annual but = loagan bunut

     5.        Perayaan kaum Antu untuk lontaran perdana. – Kaul Festival
Perdana = initial indicator

     6.        American gypsy singer indicate when a reverse article swap places with a number – Santak Point
Reverse article = an -> na
K = number = 1000
Replace ‘k’ in Santak with ‘na’ = Santana = singer who sang “American Gypsy”
     7.        A pair of animal declared left  - Tukau Drop Off
Declared = sounds like indicator
A pair of animal = two cow = tu kau
Left = drop off

     8.        Pay attention internally, by the sound of it. – Sri Gadong
Internally = container indicator
Sound of it = sounds like indicator
Regard = rigad = pay attention

     9.        A form of mathematics  code of gale addition and no truncation following behind – Bratak Trail
Code = anagram indicator
Gale = alge
Addition = to add to the word bratak = algebratak
No = tak
Truncation = remove indicator
Remove tak from algebratak = algebra = a form of mathematics

    10.    Twice aged a possiblity. – Tibau Swinging
Double jeopardy question
Swinging = anagram indicator
Tibau = bi tua = twice aged

Week 4

    1.       A place for dough to pound back Wang Kelian

Dough = money = wang
To = ke
Pound = nail, back = to look backwards
Nail ->lian

     2.       Perlis was known as this when under the influence of our neighbor. Palit

General knowledge
     3.       Cartoon home game begins around our famous Malay twin from Kampung 
            Durian Runtuh.   Chuping
Begins = initial indicator
Around = surround
Famous Malay twin = Upin
Chg around upin = Chuping
     4.        Geser ia bila mengintai di dalam. Seriab
Di dalam = container
     5.        Karen ended the engagement reception in front. Bukit Keteri
In front = initial indicator
     6.       Capital containers perhaps. Wang Bintong
Capital = money = wang
Containers = bin + tong
      7.        Our champion body builder seen backing this enclosure. Gua Kelam
Backing = reverse indicator
Champion body builder = Malek Noor
Malek backwards = kelam
Enclosure = cave=gua
     8.        This mouth fabricated a sunk galangal.  Kuala Sanglang
Fabricated = anagram indicator
Kuala sanglang = a sunk galangal
     9.        Plot that is trailing a beetle Herb Garden
That is = ie
Trailing = put at the back
Herb + ie = beetle car
Plot = garden
    10.   Told Angie to leave for the wealthy city Kota Kayang
Told = sounds like
Angie = ng
Leave = remove
            Kota Kayang = Kota Kaya = wealthy city

Week 3

  1. This was designed after Flora De La Mar that sanked off the Coast of Malacca on its way to Portugal. Maritime museum (General Knowledge)
  2. Backward reading within sounds absurd. Mini Lisbon (backward = to look back, within = to look inside the answer, sounds = sound like, absurd = silly = sili)
  3. A place to express surprise to higher position. Pulau Upeh (higher position = up, express surprise = Eh)
  4. An animal owned hospital room is part of this place. St Peter’s church (an animal = pet, hospital room = ER, part = is only part of the answer)
  5. Leaders justify open negotiations knowing ethnic racism exist at this avenue. Jonker Street (leaders = initial, avenue = street)
  6. You are assured that our warrior is in good health. Hang Tuah’s well (to read the answer literally)
  7. A grim stain spattered at this high place. Menara Taming Sari (spattered = anagram indicator to rearrange "a grim stain" = Taming Sari, high place = menara)
  8. Removing a number be first to double the flashy jewelry cape. Tanjung Kling (remove a number = remove K [K = 1000] and replace with B [first = initial so take b from 'be'], double = twice = bling bling = flashy jewelry)
  9. Once this was known as the Venice of the East. Malacca River (general knowledge)
  10. A holiday spot retreat when potassium is totally removed Pantai Kundur (Potassium = K, remove K and you will get undur = retreat)

Week 2

  1. With insurance backing, Bruce and Cybill's famous TV series is aired in part. Beach of Moonlight
  2. Listen carefully and you may detect a sleuth cape perhaps. Tanjung Piai
  3. Reserve backup after devise carelessly. Bank Kerapu
  4. A gloomy place to hang out. Pantai Sabak
  5. When in love, this fish can be found at range. Gunung Stong
  6. The sea immerse at this location. Pulau Tinggi
  7. This spot boasts of the last anti war militia asylum plea. Pantai Irama
  8. When I lead, this vacation spot will clear away. Rambah beach
  9. Exit right and take last left turning the abode for the wicked. Istana Jahar
  10. Dislocate this hotspot and you will find the green man and I with a valve. Teluk Biuh beach

Week 1

1.    A few cuts speak wonder at this hollow passage – Sam Poh Tong
2.    If you want intelligence, ah! you better get out of there – Masjid Ubudiah
3.    Disturbing trek among this famous Fox musical comedy-drama tv series pool. – Temenggor Lake
4.    One evening at this estuary – Kuala Sepetang
5.    Take the centre and wrap it with mercury resulting in residents owing this sanctuary – Orang Utan Island
1.    It takes an arm or a leg to stir this short generation flow.  - Sungai Lembing
2.    This place actually consists of 7 hills making it a favorite idyllic place. – Fraser’s Hill
3.    The first barren eco rapids abandoned at this mouth. – Tasik Bera
4.    It was a beach initially with close examination - Lake Chini
5.    Sex and the city star seen backing behind her leading character - Gua Charas