Friday, June 8, 2012

GBS Charity Online Hunt 2012 - Week # 4

Can you solve this for a chance to win some attractive shopping vouchers?
Use this entry form to fill in your answers and send it to
Please refer here for contest rules.
Good Luck.

Cryptic Questions

An empath not far behind around us, it’s told.
A location to greet at the back at first not
applicable at last.
A type of tax applicable here, to be frank.
A high-tech special rescue force being told the
only mental capacity.
A hero of aquatic abilites with Nightcrawler first,
Dazzler second, Emma third followed by Colossus
and finally Superman in the subsequent order.
A master marksman who takes the law into his
own hands.
An ancient Egyptian princess revived when
transformed from lover to backgammon.
This Apache managed to hide inside from the evil
forces of Skeletor.
Pop goes the endless comfort for a highly
intelligent hero.
Perhaps working for the league of assassins
causes him to be third always.

Answers for cryptic questions lies within the following choices:

Black Canary, Elektra, Bronze Tiger, Silver Surfer, Brainiac 5, He Man, B’Wana Beast, Waverider, Namor, Highfather, Hercules, Weasel, Sentry, Fantomah, Jonah Hex, Winspector, Vigilante, Vic Stone, Tarantula, Sgt Rock, Sonic, Rick Flag, Shang Chi, Richard Dragon, Solbrain, Mystique, Card Captors, Raven, Iron Fist, The Crow.

General Knowledge Questions

What is the matrilineal system of inheritance  that is practised by these people from a neighbouring island that settled and formed the nine fiefdoms.
This beach is named after the primates that live there and is also where you find a lake with layers that don't mix.
One of our shuttlers entered into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 for what feat?
In 1846, Sultan of Brunei ceded Labuan to be used as an Anti-Pirate base. Who was instrumental in this decision?
What song won the Asian Music Award for the First Malaysian to win the prestigious award?

Pictorial - Identify the subjects in these pictures

# 1

# 2
# 3
# 4
# 5

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